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What We Offer

Customized Marketing Plans


Every business requires a unique approach.  Budgets, target demographics, goals, strengths and manpower all factor into your individualized plan.  We take the time to get to know your business and your needs and will NEVER offer you a cookie cutter plan.


We believe the best strategic plans are layered.  Advertising, internal and external marketing, public relations, social media, community relations and customer interaction all play key roles in creating a successful plan.  



The strongest brands in the world are successful because they were able to create a positive emotional response. Your brand is not simply your logo - it's a living entity that requires constant care and upkeep.   


Whether you're just starting out or looking to refresh your business, we will guide you on how to create and keep a strong brand.  


We also offer training seminars to teach your team about your brand, its attributes and how they can help to create zealots for your company.  



Public Relations


PR has always unjustly been the most undervalued tool in the marketing toolbox. However, a strong public relations strategy can separate a good business from a great business.  


We offer a full range of public relations services, including:

  • Story generation and pitching

  • On-site media coordination

  • Media training

  • Crisis communications

  • Community relations 










Buzz Creation


Creating a buzz in the community is a great way to raise sales and your brand awareness.  But to create a buzz without breaking the bank can be tricky. 


As part of a layered marketing plan, we can help you to become buzz worthy.  Grand Openings, Grand Re-Openings, community sponsorships, limited time offerings and guest incentives are some of the easy ways to turn heads.  



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